Power Transmission

Power transmission involves the movement of energy from its origin of generation to the location it is required and applied in order to perform a particular task. With huge advancements and development in technology, power transmission has experienced some impressive leaps forward in the areas of cost saving, efficiency, reliability, and potential applications. Power transmission can be divided into mechanical power, electrical power, as well as chemical and fuel power. CBC power transmission technical specialists are able to offer a wide range of power transmission products, manufacturing, servicing, and training within a wide range of industries, including mining and quarrying, farming and agriculture, marine, specialized industry, as well as both heavy and light industry.

Common power transmission products include gearboxes, clutches and brakes, electric motors, pulleys, drive belts, couplings, chain and sprockets, hubs, and tensioners.

Mechanical Power Transmission

Most commonly, mechanical power transmission uses a solid structure to transmit power, such as a drive shaft, where transmission gears are used to adjust the amount of force versus speed in a similar way to how an electrical power transformer adjusts the amount of voltage versus current.

The most common types of power transmission CBC deal with are drives that are either electrically, diesel, pneumatic, or hydraulically driven.

A typically designed CBC electrically driven power transmission drive incorporates an electric drive motor that may be flanged or coupling mounted to a gear drive unit. The gear drive unit transfers the power, modifies speed and increases the torque to the machine component to be driven.

CBC supply additional power transmission drive componentry for specific applications, including industrial brakes for stopping, tension control or holding, industrial clutches for torque control and limiting. Back stops to prevent roll back and for overrunning speeds.

Alternatively, CBC drive designs may transfer the power from the drive motor to the gear drive via either v-belts and pulleys, chain and sprockets, or shaft couplings. Frequency inverters VSD, VVVF can be incorporated into the CBC designed drive as an option to vary speed, or synchronize multiple drives.

In the case of power transmission drives driven by diesel engines, hydraulic or pneumatic motors, these drive options offer an alternative to the electric motor as a power source with the same effect as listed above.

CBC’s range of power transmission products includes those from the most technologically advanced, state of the art power transmission manufacturers from all over the world. CBC is proud to offer top quality power transmission products, suitable for a wide range of applications, including high speed applications, from various manufacturers, including Rexnord, Falk, Martin, Centa, Gates, Fenner, David Brown, Radicon, Twiflex, Coremo, Transfluid, Motovario and Wichita.

For optimum power transmission, periodic inspections, monitoring, and servicing is required to ensure power efficiency, reliability, reduced premature failure, and cost effectiveness. CBC offer power transmission drive servicing, maintenance and training for most types of power transmission drive applications.

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