Sealing Technology

Sealing technologies encompass a wide range of sealing products for all types of mechanical industries. Mechanical seals help to joint mechanisms together in order to maintain pressure, prevent leakage, or omit contaminants. Sealing technologies can include adhesive sealants , rotary shaft radial lip seals, hydraulic or pneumatic seals, orings and back up rings, gaskets, packing seals and thermal insulation products.

There are a wide range of seals and some of the more common sealing technologies include the following:

Adhesive Sealants

Adhesive sealants require more than just adhesion between two or more parts. In order to maintain the seal, it must offer sufficient strength while still maintaining flexibility and movement. They tend to require insolubility, adhesion, and resistance to corrosion. Adhesive sealants range significantly in the amount of adhesion they offer within an application. Some adhesive sealants provide very high strength adhesion, while others provide very low strength seals. Adhesive sealants provide several benefits, besides offering adhesion at the glue line. They also fill a gap and form a barrier, they maintain their sealing properties, they keep moisture either in or out, and they can even provide thermal and sound insulation. CBC’s range of adhesive sealants includes Loctite products, silicon sealants including Dow Corning Silastic and Z-Seals.


A gasket is a mechanical seal that is designed to fill a gap between two or more joining surfaces within an application. Gaskets are used under pressure and are designed to prevent leakage either into or out of the unit. Gaskets are usually made from flexible material, such as paper, silicone, cork, rubber, metal, neoprene, Teflon, fibreglass, or a plastic polymer. The flexibility of the gasket enables accurate sealing, even when mating irregular surfaces. Gaskets are able to withstand high compressive loads, making them suitable for use in many industrial applications.

There are a wide range of gasket designs, including flange gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, o-rings, and piston rings. In order for a gasket to work effectively and efficiently, it is believed that the more pressure exerted on the gasket, the better it will work, and the longer it will work for. In order to ensure optimum performance in an application, an inner compression ring can be added. This compression ring allows for even greater compression with minimal gasket failure. An outer guiding ring may also be used to improve gasket performance. An outer guiding ring allows for more accurate installation and can act as a minor compression inhibitor. CBC’s range of gasket materials includes ranges from Grange, Flexitallic, and Garlock. Common materials include Bonded cork, PTFE, Rubber and cellulose fibre reinforced materials.

Dry Gas Seals

A dry gas seal consists of a primary stationary ring and a mating rotating ring. Dry gas seals are non-contacting. This gap is created when the grooves in the rotating, mated ring generate a fluid-dynamic force, creating a space between both rings. Dry gas seals are commonly used in mining and oil industries, petrochemical industries, and other heavy industry applications. There are various dry gas seals available, including single seals, tandem seals, and double opposed seals.

CBC offers a wide range of sealing technologies for a wide range of industry applications, including mining, automotive and trucking, food and beverage, marine, heavy and light industry, and farming and agriculture. CBC chooses to supply only the most respected brands from around the world. Our range of sealing technologies includes products from such brands as NOK Freudenberg, Simrit. KOK, Garlock, Stemco, National, SIL, Autospin, and Interseal.

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