Magnetic Filtration

One Eye Industries (OEI) environmentally friendly filtration systems with built-in magnetic filter cores capture ferrous contaminants in fluid systems, to <1µm, before they reach the conventional filter. Using static adhesion, the cores also retain some non-ferrous contaminants. Contamination monitoring and identification of potential wear-related issues are achieved by removing the magnetic core and examining the retained contamination under a microscope.

Ferrous particles smaller than 10 microns generate more wear than larger particles in high pressure contact areas, causing damage to soft metals, seals, bearings and gaskets.


Magnetic Filter Pads

Complement existing disposable filters for lube oil, fuel, hydraulics and coolant applications.


Magnetic Filter Rods, Y Strainers and Scrubbers

Installed prior to traditional filters in reservoirs and applications previously unsuitable for filtration.


Add-Vantage 9000 Series

Replacing disposable filters, these combine cleanable stainless steel elements and magnetic filter technology in one filter with 40% greater flow capacity than traditional paper elements.


Filter Plugs

Replace filler and drain plugs with magnetic plugs to simply and efficiently capture ferrous contaminants.


Cone and Basket Strainers

Magnetic rods in cone and basket strainers capture small particles that would otherwise pass through the basket mesh, minimising erosion in large pipelines and damage to instruments.

Mission Statement

"To be a better distributor of bearings and power transmission than any other company in the world by providing superior products and innovative service"


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