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Filter Technology Australia produces a range of filtration products. Filtering contaminants from fuel, industrial oils cooking oil and a range of solvents and other liquids. Filters can be fitted to vehicles, installed as fixed installations or supplied as mobile units. Our Filtration Systems are designed and configured to suit the application and needs of the end user.

FTA products deliver high performance, with low physical space requirements. Improvements in filtration through the introduction of FTA products have seen particulate reductions of up to 90% in fuel systems and up to 70% in oil systems in one pass. This represents a massive improvement in cleanliness with corresponding improvements in equipment performance.

Filter Technology products have been rigorously tested in many industries, on many different types of vehicles and equipment. Our customers are consistently impressed with the performance of Filter Technology Australia’s products and high level of service, which includes professional advice on which system will best suit your requirements and ongoing support both on and off site.

To find out more about our comprehensive range of Filtration Technology,
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