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CBC’s warehousing and inventory management solutions are customized to assist our business partners reduce inventory, while maintaining necessary levels of availability to sustain operations. Our warehousing and inventory management solutions ensure:

  • Identification of critical items required to run your business
  • Identification of equipment spare parts
  • Identification of parts required in routine maintenance
  • Rationalization of spare parts inventory
  • Reduction of obsolete, excess and duplicate inventories
  • Correct handling and storage of bearings and components
  • Refurbishment of damaged items and those in poor condition.

"We know that the products and solutions we provide to our customers are essential for their business. That’s why we are committed to providing them with the highest and fullest range of quality products and services in order to give our customers an outstanding experience."

- Yayak Mansyur -
Supply Chain Manager

CBC Engineered Solutions

Design & Drafting

Product Application Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Installation & Commissioning

Mincom Linkone

Condition Monitoring – Oil Sampling

Corrective Services

Special Purpose Manufacture

Component Standardisation

Asset Care & Rotables

Magnetic Filtration

Environmental Solutions