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CBC is Indonesia’s leading and best distributor of mechanical belts. We stock Australia’s biggest range of mechanical belts from world-leading suppliers such as Gates, Carlisle (Timken), Fenner, Gates-Predator, Gates-Polychain, Carlisle (Timken) Super II, Carlisle (Timken) Aramax, Carlisle (Timken) Panther XT, Megadyne, Dayco Patterson Belting and Eagle. Whether you need belts for the agricultural sector or even lawn and garden belts… we’ve got it. Our wide range of mechanical belts includes poly flex, variable speed, auto-timing, conveyor, auto vee, auto polyrib/multi rib and link belts. We stock belts for the industrial sector which includes, but is not limited to, the following mechanical belts: polyurethane and rubber metric timing, raw edge traditional, wrapped wedge, banded, double angle, poly rib/multi rib, raw edge wedge, wrapped traditional, rubber imperial timing and so much more.

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